PRINTED BOOK - The Enviro Educator (Softcover) TONY INNES

PRINTED BOOK - The Enviro Educator (Softcover) TONY INNES


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This book has been written for educators of young children including childcare workers, teachers, home school parents or grandparents who wish to learn more about how to encourage children to embrace sustainable practices at a young age.

The book provides you with suggested environmental activities and actions that you can introduce to embed sustainability into your work and home life.

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116 Pages 25 cm x 20 cm. SOFTCOVER version.



Chapter 1                    Unsustainability                                 

Chapter 2                    Impacts of Climate Change

Chapter 3                    The Causes of Climate Change

Chapter 4                    Plastic Pollution

Chapter 5                    Sustainable Future

Chapter 6                    Waste Management Principles

Chapter 7                    Clean Up and Prevention

Chapter 8                    Green Stars for Students Program

Chapter 9                    More Environmental Projects

Chapter 10                  Outdoor Environmental Activities

Chapter 11                  Learning Resources for Students

Chapter 12                  Learning Resources for Teachers

Chapter 13                  Energy Efficiency – At School

Chapter 14                  Energy Efficiency – At Home

Chapter 15                  Water Conservation

Chapter 16                 Transport

Chapter 17                 Wrap Up