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Fashion & Climate: It's Trending Now

Fashion & Climate: It's Trending Now

This weekend, I was able to connect with my friend and fellow sustainability blogger, Natalie Kay of Sustainably Chic. While splayed on the floor over piles of ethically- and sustainably-sourced fabrics and accessories, we discussed the precedence of education, conscious consumerism, and stopping the fast fashion fad. 

The issue with fashion is this - it makes us who we are. Colors, clean lines, smooth cuts; fashion creates the individual, the mood, that first impression. And thus, when friends begin transitioning towards a more sustainable lifestyle, I notice that fashion is often the last thing to change. We hesitate even though fashion is the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil (Forbes 2015). 

And yet, what if Natalie and I prove that you can look good and do good. Today's newest businesses and brands are making it easier than ever. 

Natalie and I are excited to share a menagerie of sustainably- and ethically-sourced options against the backdrop of our hometown, Charleston, SC.  

My personal favorite? Consignment! My mother and I are thrift fiends, and you will see a number of my well-loved pieces in the gallery above. I understand that a lot of friends maintain a stereotype involving musty-smelling jeans and the losing team's Superbowl t-shirts. No more!

NYC alone has tons of top consignment stores that boast high-end designers and box-store brands. While in Greenwich, I pop into Vintage Thrift at least once a week to see new styles, as well as Housing Works

 In addition, retro has modernized by moving online - my mother's personal favorite for easy iPad swiping & shopping. Look out for your local neighborhood Facebook furniture and clothing swap, as well as websites like ThreadUP and Etsy for recycled, upcycled, and homemade finds.

Bonus? No matter where you thrift, it's so much cheaper than new!

Other brands featured in this post: 

  • LA Relaxed, which offers sustainable apparel ethically sourced in the USA.  
  • Ethic Goodsan online haven for ethically sourced jewelry that fuels women and children's empowerment, in order to inform the next generation of conscious consumers.
  • Marine Layer; besides selling the softest fabrics ever, Marine Layer produces most of its products in SF and LA in the most responsible way possible. 
  • Bloom & Give offers handmade goods that change lives. Inspired by India's timeless beauty, all Bloom & Give products are made by local artisans in India, pairing modern design with traditional practice
  • Oka-B promises "Made in the USA" Southern comfort and sustainable style. All products are created at its Buford, GA location, and promise quality shoes with a low carbon footprint. 

Want to learn more about the slow fashion movement, and other brands working towards this revolution? Click below for Sustainably Chic's article!

slow fashion for climate change | one solution to one major problem

And got Netflix? Don't miss The True Cost that gets the details down to the dirty, nitty gritty. 

Last but not least, thank you for supporting the businesses & brands that work tirelessly towards redefining style.

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