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The United States Should Not Leave the Paris Agreement - Take a Stand

The United States Should Not Leave the Paris Agreement - Take a Stand

The fate of the Paris Agreement || Trump’s Administration and our place on the global stage.

*If we back out of the Paris Agreement—the most monumental, unifying deal in history landing 193 state signatures and 109 ratifications to date—where will we stand at the diplomatic table? 

The largest greenhouse gas emitters:

1.     China

2.     US*

3.     European Union

4.     India

5.     Russia

6.     Japan

How can the Trump administration withdraw from the Paris Agreement?

1: Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement itself: The exit clause states the US is bound to the agreement until 2020. The administration would have to wait 3 years to withdraw and a 4th to exit. 

2: Withdrawing from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: This deal was unanimously adopted by the US Senate and signed by George HW Bush. Nonetheless, that would allow the US to also leave the Paris Agreement by 2018.

3: Sending the treaty to the soon-to-be Republican-controlled Senate: It would need a 2/3s approval to pass. Myron Ebell, a leading climate denier and potential head of the new EPA, stated it would be dead upon arrival.

4: Denying the deal ever happened: The deal is completely voluntary and there are no repercussions for any member states who do not uphold their commitments. However, annual reporting is required to be presented internationally; America’s inaction and complete climate change denial will be globally apparent as such.  

What can we do? 

One thing is for certain: The Earth cannot afford four more years. We are past the tipping point, and we need your voice. Text Paris Agreement to 52886 to tell your representatives to ensure the enforcement and continued support of the Paris Agreement.

What else can we do?

1: Sign a petition to block Myron Ebell from leading the EPA: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/do-not-allow-myron-ebell-lead-epa-transition

2: Learn more about a carbon tax and check out www.carbotax.org to see how you stand compared to the average American. Then you can offset your carbon footprint by contributing your monthly or yearly climate impact through carbon credits that are sourced from forest conservation projects.

3: Consider taking advantage of the solar and wind tax credits that were extended until 2021/2019 respectively.

4: Shrink your personal carbon footprint. If our future government does not respect our air, our waters, our planet, do not sit back and lose hope. Find ways to decrease your footprint by carpooling, eating less meat, turning off your lights, watching how much water your waste throughout the day, reuse your utensils, coffee mugs, and water bottles, and use public transportation.

5: As John Oliver recently stated, please do not “normalize” Trump. These issues are not normal. His actions, his words, his behavior are not normal. Denying science is not normal. As such, stop turning away from political discourse. Too many people my age hate discussing politics, but politics matter. I will continue to state: A unified public opinion on climate action will force our government to support the future of our planet. Be an advocate for the truth.

6: Start rallying support for those who advocate for climate action in the 2018 midterm elections.

Contact your Congressional representatives RIGHT NOW and let them know that you support our engagement in the Paris Agreement! Thanks to Revolution Nation for the instant action tools!

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