Thrive Market - $59.95

For the college or graduate student, as well as any loved one, who cares about healthy, wholesome products, gifting a Thrive Market membership is the way to go! Unlike traditional health food stores, Thrive Market never marks up the prices on the healthy foods and products they sell, and they pass on the savings directly to our customers. It’s the
ultimate one-stop shop for the best natural, organic, non-GMO and non-toxic products all at wholesale prices. And for every membership Thrive sells, they donate a membership to a low-income American family so we can all thrive together.

Membership to Your Local Co-Op - Est. $265 for 9 weeks, + $25 registration fee

What is a co-op? In the loosest sense, a co-op is any voluntary organization composed of a group of individuals (or organizations) formed for their mutual (generally, financial) benefit. A familiar example is a group of roommates who rent an apartment together to save money. Most often, co-ops are found in communities in the form of farms and community agriculture.

This is the perfect gift for the family on the go! Every week, your membership will provide ample seasonal produce, as well as fresh eggs, and beef and chicken if requested. Each week's goods also usually come with complementary recipes. Most often, you can find the local co-operatives and their produce drop-off locations on community co-op websites. For example, those in the Southeastern United States can find their closest co-op on!

Donate to a Preferred Charity in Someone's Honor!

In light of this recent election, we owe it to those that know the legislative fight, and know it well.  I strongly encourage your donation to an environmental organization equipped with a history of championing environmental protection. I truly believe that this is the gift that will keep on giving. I have listed a few trusted environmental organizations below, but I also encourage you to look into the local organizations that have a direct impact to your own community.