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Bamboo Toothbrush - $10.00

Toothbrushes...a serious consumption issue. But thankfully MABLE has given us a more sustainable solution! And a solution that looks really sleek too! This toothbrush is 100% biodegradable, has medium bristles, and is self-standing. 

Boyd's Grapefruit & Sea Salt Scrubbing Bar - $12.00

Boyd's scrubbing bar gives you the experience of biting into a Texas grapefruit right in your shower, while you exfoliate with its large pink sea salt flakes. You can also use this bar as a foot scrub for the times when you don’t have time for a pedicure. Boyd's scrubbing bars are vegan, non-toxic, have no preservatives, no synthetic fragrance oils, no artificial colors or additives, and are made with 100% recyclable packaging! 



Wood Handle Shaving Razor Blade - $17.99

Much like the MABLE toothbrush, this wood handle razor blade offers another eccentric stocking stuffer, while it simultaneously reduces your plastic consumption. The benefits keep going! To continue in its mission to reduce waste while increasing utility, this razor allows you to pop out and in new blades to keep it fresh, and is wrapped in 100% paper and compostable packaging. 


Spinster Sisters Co. Clay Mask - $24.00

This clay mask blends Bentonite, Rhassoul and Kaolin clays along with activated charcoal, oatmeal, and tea tree oil to make a soft, healing mask that provides both gentle exfoliation and toxin elimination. To use, mix one tablespoon of the dry mask powder with one tablespoon water (for dry skin) or apple cider vinegar (for oily skin) using non-metallic utensils. Apply to face, and after 10-15 minutes or before the mask dries completely, rinse clean. **Heaven**


KOR Vida Water Bottle - $25.00

The bottled water industry is under public backlash for being inherently unsustainable. Consumers demand bottled water for its convenience, its health, and often, its status. And yet, water is not that convenient, when it's calculated that it takes over 1,000 years for these bottles to biodegrade in landfills. 

With this stainless steel bottle, you tackle all these problems with one sip. At at KOR, they love the durability and beauty of steel. But they didn't like the way steel bottles felt in their hands – or on their lips. So KOR pushed themselves to create a better solution. their reward was Vida. Its tapered profile and ergonomic handle make it a joy to hold. Vida is a single-wall (non-insulated) stainless steel water bottle.