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Laundry Starter Kit - $28

This laundry combination of organic laundry detergent and wool dryer balls will set your laundry room up to be a chemical free zone for a cost-effective price! The Wool Dryer Balls are hypoallergenic and last up to 1,000 loads. And what are soapberry suds? The soapberry not only cleans, but also possesses natural fabric softening capabilities. The saponin contained in the husk of the natural berry is their active ingredient for wrangling tough dirt and hard to treat stains and is gentle on delicate fabrics. 


Rasa Napkin Set - $16

Jewel & Lotus is an ethical marketplace and platform for global artisans. The Rasa Napkins are made by young women rising out of human trafficking in Delhi, India. Made with block printed fabrics and vegetable dyes, these napkins are multi-use! They're eco-friendly, machine washable, and stylish. 


UncommonGoods Tree to Be Kit - $22.00

This kit contains seeds harvested from Ralls Janet heirloom apples. Apples are medium to large with thin greenish-yellow skin covered with dark pink and red stripes. Bite into one, and you'll experience a fine-grained, crisp and juicy taste. These apples ripen in October and are excellent keepers. An aluminum tag is provided for a personalized inscription to be placed on the tree. This kit contains everything you need to start your very own orchard. Made in the USA.


Coffee Cold Brew Gift Set - $36.00

Try out this eco-alternative for your coffee-loving friends.In efforts to brew cold coffee, this pure and simple design combines the efforts of a mason jar and hand-sewn cloth to percolate a perfectly blended cup of morning Joe.  

For cold, simply add your favorite freshly ground coffee to the filter, fill the mason jar with cold water, and allow the two to soak overnight in the refrigerator. Top off the cold brew with fresh water to desired strength, and your jar can be taken to go. To get you started on the right foot, this set comes with an aromatic blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee. Handmade by Corina and Robert Guillory in Austin, TX.


All Across Africa Handwoven Basket - $68.00

All Across Africa has a simple mission: to create market-driven employment opportunities to improve and empower the lives of rural and poor people across Africa. It starts with support from ethically-driven shoppers like you, and beautiful pieces of art like this. This handwoven basket was designed by craftswomen in Rwanda, and features the community's "hope" design: Reflected on the Rwandan flag, this sunburst image stands for the country’s collective hope for a new dawn and brighter future. This design means a lot to the weavers AAA partners with, as each basket they sell increases their chances for a better life. Quality of life, community status, self-worth and confidence are just a few of the hopeful effects these baskets bring.