Savannah Miller, Founder & Director

My name is Savannah, and I am an environmental advocate looking to make a difference.

As the product of a military household, I understand that the word duty is laden with meaning. I have always been upheld to the obligation, my duty, to make a difference in the world. I intend to start here, knowing that each and every step forward counts. 

But I need your help. Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate, and it is changing in real-time. I hope to break down climate science to its core, and chronicle environmental policy and developments in a compelling and dynamic way.

Sarah Bertin, Partner & Contributing Editor

My name is Sarah, and I am an advocate for the sustainable economy necessary to protect our future.

I experienced a childhood split between American, Colombian, and French cultureβ€”through its languages, its geographies, the meals and music. In a long quest to find my definition of home, I found a sense of inter-connectivity unlike any other. Why put boundaries on a word that could define globalization? My times abroad sparked a now deep-rooted inspiration to help preserve our planet.

Mixed with some sensible optimism, I hope to inspire our generation to work with large private and public corporations to drive sustainability into the mainstream. I believe there is no better catalyst of change than capital markets promoting long-term investing using integrated environmental and social research.

Together, we want our generation to know what's going on in the world we'll soon be leading. 

Let's solve this together, shall we?